Report Says NFL Office Recived Copy of Ray RIce Video in April


I said the minute footage was released the altercation between Ray Rice and his then fiancée, Janay Palmer-Rice on the elevator that there was no way the league couldn’t have seen that tape prior to its release. Common sense says immediately following the release of the first tape months ago of Rice dragging the unconscious Palmer-Rice out of the elevator, the need to see what happened moments before was of dire importance to the league.

But that doesn’t mean that they want to public at large involved in the steps taken to reach corporate decisions. A law enforcement officer has come forward to say he not only sent a copy of the elevator video to NFL offices back in April, he received a voice mail that not only confirmed receipt of the video, but confirmed how horrible the footage was.

Somebody is going to take the fall for this. Will that be NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell? Seems unlikely, but that remains to be seen. The owners support him. Especially as he’s overseeing team sales like the pending sale of the Buffalo Bills that is expected to be sold in the $1 billion price range.

Just like on HBO’s hit series “Boardwalk Empire” when Eli had to go to jail to protect Nucky and the family business, someone will be held responsible.

I still stand by the fact that a proper suspension in the case to begin with would’ve have saved the league SOME of the blowback its experiencing right now.