Reggie Bush Says The Miami Dolphins Aren’t Disciplined

Reggie Bush stated the obvious to the media on Sunday after the Dolphins dropped their sixth game.

“Right now, this team stinks.”

Reggie was said to be the only player who stayed and talked to the media following the loss to the Denver Broncos. This wasn’t just an ordinary loss, the Dolphins were up 15-0 with five minutes left in the 4th quarter. They went on to lose in overtime 18-15.

“It’s just embarrassing, I don’t know any other way to explain it,” Bush said. “It’s an embarrassing loss. Had no business losing that game.”

“We were up 15 points with what, five minutes left to go? And we couldn’t win it? It’s disgusting.”

Reggie said that his teammates are undisciplined and didn’t have any fight in them the last five minutes of the game.

All hail Tim Tebow… the legend continues.