Redskins London Fletcher’s family involved in altercation with Browns fans resulting in 3 arrests


Football fans can be extremely passionate about their teams. Add to that mix family members of the opposing team and a loss, you’ve got the makings for a potentially volatile situation.  And that’s what took place on Sunday between some Cleveland Browns fans and the family of Redskins LB London Fletcher who happens to be a Cleveland native.


According to a family member of Fletcher’s, Cleveland police used Tasers during the incident, which resulted in the arrest of three of Fletcher’s family members.

Two of Fletcher’s cousins, Hasaan Robinson and Douglas Robinson, were arrested by Tenable Security officers, along with an 18-year-old nephew of the Redskins linebacker according to the family. NewsChannel 5 has reached out to the Cleveland Police Department and Tenable Security and neither has yet to release any names or reports.

Nita Ashford, a Cleveland school teacher and a relative of Fletcher, told NewsChannel5 that her family was attacked by angry Browns fans as the family left Sunday’s game. During the attack, Fletcher’s aunt, 57-year-old-Evette Robinson, suffered a heart attack


Deadspin located cell phone video of the aftermath.

During an appearance on the NFL network’s “NFL AM” Fletcher gave a statement. He believes that the situation was esclated by stadium securtiy. He also cleared up reports that his aunt was having a heart attack.


“I’m from Cleveland. I know Browns fans. They’re rabid fans, and they love their team,” Fletcher said. “But I guess in the stadium, (my family was) being harassed. The situation that led to people being arrested was stadium security. One of the stadium security guys assaulted one of my family members. So instead of defusing the situation, he escalated the situation.”