Redskins Josh Morgan penalty cost Redskins game against Rams

Who would’ve thought one of the most exciting games on Sunday would’ve been between the Washington Redskins and the St. Louis Rams. It looked as if the Rams were going to lose this one after the refs blew a 1-yard touchdown, but Rams RB Steven Jackson. Jackson spiked the ball in frustration and received a 15-yard penalty, and ended up spending the rest of the game on the bench. But that wasn’t the only – or most costly – unsportsmanlike conduct penalty of the game.

After the turnover gave them life (Washington had no timeouts remaining at the time), the Redskins moved the ball down into field goal range when Josh Morgan caught a pass that came up just short of a first down. However, after infamous instigator Cortland Finnegan (who you may remember from the Andre Johnson beatdown) gave a subtle rake of the face mask, Morgan got up and fired the ball at him.

Fifteen yard penalty, 4th and 16, and a 62 yard attempt or going for it. Shanahan opted to try the desperation field goal, which would have been one yard short of the record, but Billy Cundiff wasn’t even close.

Yikes. You should’ve seen his teammates’ reactions as he headed over to the bench. Rams win 31-28.