Ravens Jacoby Jones has a wink and a smile for NBC sports Michele Tafoya [video]

You can always spot a “player.” And by player, I’m not speaking about on the field. They’re usually the ones who have a hard time turning it off. Case in point, following the Baltimore Ravens win on Sunday over the Steelers. NBC Sports sideline reporter Michele Tafoya was interviewing Ravens receiver Jacoby Jones. At the end of the interview, Tafoya congratulated Jones on his team’s win. Jones responded with a wink, smile and “thank you gorgeous”


Michele handled it well and didn’t miss beat. Clearly Jacoby  wasn’t even thinking about being on camera. The words just slipped out. Cause that’s what players do. Somewhere a chick is mad thinking, “wtf, he doesn’t even call me cute.” Hijinks like that should be expected from a guy that does stuff like this as his touchdown celebration.

curtsy to BSO

gif via SB Nation