Ravens GM backs up Ray Rice’s claim that he told the truth to Roger Goodell


Former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice officially began his appeal to be reinstated into the NFL this week. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had to testify this week as did, Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome.

Newsome testified Thursday that Ray Rice told Goodell on June 16th he hit his wife in a casino elevator. Newsome’s claim contradicts what Goodell said in September when he issued a second suspension on Rice following TMZ’s release of more video footage. At the time, Goodell claimed Rice didn’t tell him the full extent of what took place in the elevator, and that the video was new information which warranted a longer suspension.

What occurred in the June 16 hearing is key to Rice’s chances for reinstatement, sources said. He was suspended indefinitely Sept. 8 for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy after a video of him hitting Janay [Palmer] and knocking her out at an Atlantic City casino was released publicly.

Goodell originally had suspended the running back for two games.

Rice and the NFL Players Association contend the league’s indefinite suspension constitutes an enhanced punishment for the same violation and thus violates labor law. The union also is arguing that the discipline of Rice by Goodell was inconsistent as it relates to the league’s conduct policy. Rice is seeking immediate reinstatement.

My thoughts, no matter what Rice said in that meeting. Seeing him drag his unconscious significant other out of the elevator told a pretty compelling story. What did he expect was on the actual video after seeing the aftermath? He messed up, period.