Randy Moss “I’ll Answer My Own Questions” Comments Get Him Waived

Randy Moss has been waived by the Vikings a month after he was traded there from the New England Patriots.  Below are Randy’s post game comments after the Vikings loss to the Pats. Is this the end of Randy’s career? Blown out of 2 franchises in half of a season? Is there a team that is willing to risk it’s chemistry for Randy’s talent?

Randy Moss was fined $25,000 for not talking to the media recently. After yesterday’s LOSS, Randy held his post game presser by asking and answering his own questions.

“Let me hold it down. Alright. I really haven’t had a chance to talk to the guys, so this is no disrespect to the Minnesota Vikings and their organization. The captains, Wilfolk, Tommy Boy, Mayo, Kevin Faulk, man I miss them guys, man, I miss the team. It was hard for me to come here and play. It’s been an up and down roller coaster emotionally for me all week. And then to be able to come in here and see those guys, running plays and I know what they’re doing, and the success they had on the field, the running game, so I kind of know what type of feeling they have on their locker room, man. I just want to be able to tell the guys, I miss the hell out of them, every last helmet in that locker room.

Correct me if I’m wrong. But didn’t Randy start the year on a rant about the Patriots AFTER a win? Let’s exam this scenario from my novice POV. Favre wasn’t in camp with the Vikings, Randy is new addition to the team. Both seem to be controversy magnets. The Head Coach called out Brett after last weeks’ game. The team seems to be imploding. What is it exactly that Randy is after? he wants an extension with the Patriots. Clearly they didn’t feel the same and shipped him off to a place that seemed to be a win for him (he had history there, they have championship aspirations) and a win by the Pats as it was addition by subtraction. Now Randy is longing for those days? It’s not THEM Randy, it’s YOU! I guess they had enough to contend with dealing with Favregate and decided the reward was no longer worth the risk.

Any man still rocking corn rows in 2010 clearly has an issue with moving ahead and living in the present moment. See Allen Iverson if you’re unsure.

Curtsey to BSO for the footage