Rams rookie Tavon Austin on the perils of Twitter


We discuss social media quite a bit here. While there are numerous ways platforms like Twitter and Instagram have enriched our lives, being a public figure and maneuvering through the social space can be tricky.

St. Louis Rams first-round draft pick Tavon Austin spoke to high school athletes at Nike’s “The Opening” earlier this week. The event is a football camp for elite players in the nation.

Personal branding has taken on a greater significance with the accessibility social media brings. Austin is aware of that and when speaking to the teens, he discussed the dangers of Twitter. Austin, like a lot of athletes and people in general on Twitter followed a few strippers. No big deal right? But someone is always watching.

“Three strippers followed me, I followed them back,” Austin told the high schoolers, according to Taylor Holliday. “Next thing I know I’m in the GM’s office. Now I’m off Twitter.”


We’ve seen several examples of athletes meeting women, strippers, escorts etc. on Twitter and the outcome was public embarrassment. If you need a gentle reminder, check stories on Peyton Silva, JaVale McGee and any victim of Candy Deepthroat.