Raiders’ Donald Penn Has Altercation With “Fan”

Raiders’ Donald Penn had an altercation with a fan in Oakland on Sunday. Penn got out of his car and confronted Ivan Chavarria who he claimed threw a bottle at his car and called him a b*tch. Bad NFL player, right? He should have more control… plot twist, looks as if the fan was plotting to get punched so he could sue him.

Chavarria and Penn were recorded arguing after the Raiders loss to the Baltimore Ravens. Security kept the two separated with Penn opting to eventually get back into his Bentley.

But there’s backstory to this incident, Carmichael Dave of KHTK posted an Instagram exchange between Penn and Chavarria where the lineman told the fan to line up the fade and “say it to my face,” weeks before this altercation.


Donald had his own DM to show, in this tweet he posted, the fan is allegedly discussing setting Penn up for a big payday. He has since deleted this tweet.

Charvarria spoke to TMZ denying throwing a bottle at Penn’s car. He said there are “several witnesses” to back that up including security. Chavarria said he wasn’t trying to set Penn up and  he’s open to settling their differences.

The Raiders have dropped to 2-3 on the season since quarterback Derek Carr was injured. Carr’s initial return was between two and six weeks, but is now expected back for Chargers vs. Raiders next week.