Panthers and Saints have on field scuffle [Video]


Football can be a passionate game. We saw a bit of that fire spill over on Sunday after Cam Newton scored a touchdown during Panthers and Saints.

After Cam scored, he gave a little trash talk to Saints’ defensive end Cameron Jordan. While Newton was giving you his “Superman” celebration, linebacker Curtis Lofton gave Cam a push from the back.  Of course Cam had a problem with that, and that’s when things got tricky.


Lofton and Panthers tight end Brandon Williams were flagged for personal fouls. Williams was also ejected.

It’s been a rough season thus far for both teams, to say the least. New Orleans has lost three straight home games while Carolina hasn’t won a game since October 5. However, despite each being below .500, the NFC South title is still up for grabs.


Panthers win 41-10.


spotted at LBS