Niners Colin Kaepernick to Appeal $11K Fine For Unsportsmanlike Penalty

During Sunday Night Football between the San Francisco 49ers and Chicago Bears, QB Colin Kaepernick was flagged with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. The flag happened on this play, and caused many to speculate that he received the penalty for saying the N-word.

Kaepernick was fined $11,000 by the NFL.  But, he plans to appeal the fine, proclaiming he did nothing wrong. Some believe he may have been telling Bears Lamarr Houston to back the “F” up.

…The official who threw the flag, side judge Laird Hayes, wouldn’t specifically say what he heard come out of Kaepernick’s mouth, but he did have one comment on the subject when asked about it by

“[Kaepernick] knows what he said,” Hayes said. “It was the right call.”

…The league promised to have ‘zero tolerance for obscene and abusive language’ in 2014.

This is only week 2.