NFLPA looking into Roc Nation Sports agreement with CAA


Looks like the NFL’s Players Association is investigating Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports relationships with CAA. There are reportedly concerns about Jay Z’s involvement with Giants Victor Cruz firing his agent and newly minted Roc Nation client Geno Smith. George Atallah, NFLPA assistant executive director for external affairs addresses the topic in a phone interview.

“Of course we are aware of the new relationship between Roc Nation and CAA,” Atallah said. The NFLPA is also aware, he said, of Roc Nation Sports hiring Kim Miale, an NFLPA-certified agent who will be representing Smith in contract talks.

“We will be reaching out to all of the parties involved to get a better understanding of the nature of those relationships,”

There has also been speculation that recent changes to agent requirements including a regulation which requires all new agents to have a degree from an accredited college were in response to Jay attempting to get his NFL agent certification. Per Atallah, that’s false and those changes were taking effect before Roc Nation Sports was announced.

Guess people are rather concerned about Jay’s new hustle.

“I was born to get cake, move on & switch states / Cop da coupe wit da roof gone & switch plates / Was born to dictate…” – Jay Z “You don’t know”