NFL Week 6 Recap- Jill’s About To Creep

I have to admit that my eye is starting to wander. 6 weeks in and the front runners for my Golden Stiletto are starting to emerge however, as with most new dating situations, I guess I’m at the point where I need a jolt of excitement to keep my interest.

Right now football isn’t giving that to me unless we focus on off the field drama and issues (Farve, Concussions , “devastating Hits” and endzone celebrations all under the umbrella of a  looming lockout. Wow)

  • The Hit Desean Jackson (Eagles) took from Dunta Robinson (Falcons) was intense! It’s one of  three hits that happened this weekend that has reignited the debate on what a “Devastating hit” is and how they should be officiated. Dunta was fined $50,000 for the hit and Desean suffered a concussion and didn’t return to the game. No Vick and No DJack, no issue, Eagles 31- Falcons 17

AP Photo/Tom Gannam

  • The Rams bounced back after being destroyed by the Lions last week. Rams WR Danario Alexander scored his 1st NFL touchdown. I didn’t realize the Chargers were once in L.A. too. I suppose that means I should have a little more allegiance to them since they’re still IN Southern California… Nah. Not the way their season is going. Yeah I’m slightly superficial :shrug: but back to THIS game, Steven Jackson is just 29 yards shy of breaking Erick Dickerson’s all time rushing record with the Rams. Through the 1st 2.5 quarters, the Rams allowed the Chargers no 3rd downs. Aren’t the Chargers 1 of the leagues top Offenses?? Rams 20 – Chargers 17
  • Was anybody talking about the Chiefs in preseason? That’s what I thought. They lost to the Texans in week 6 but seemed to have picked up a little bandwagon of their own. Texans 35- Chiefs 31

AP Photo/Don Wright

  • Ben Roethlisberger returned to the field for the Steelers after his 4 game suspension.  His ESPN pre game interview was interesting. He came close to saying “look I just messed up but learned from that experience”  but he blew it with excuses. Whatever, as long as his behavior shows he “gets it”, we can move on. He threw 3 touchdown passes as the Steelers beat up the Browns, 28- 10

AP Photo/Joe Mahoney

  • Tim Tebow scored his 1st NFL Touchdown. Braylon Edwards hit them with the Flex instead of the Dougie and I didn’t get to see my boo Rex Ryan this week. Maybe that’s why I’m looking to Basketball for attention. Jets (you know they’re top 3 for the Golden Stiletto at the moment) win over the Broncos 24- 20
  • In a “That’s weird but still cool moment”, Both the Dolphins and Patriots end their games  in overtime with identical scores 23 – 20. The losing teams;  Packers and the Ravens. Big win for the fins (you see that, I’m getting into the nicknames. :smile that was cute:)
  • Dallas sucks THE END. Vikings over the Cowboys 24-20
  • Monday Night Football was a SNOOZEFEST and yet, it still managed to get higher ratings than an MLB playoff game. Oh well, at least we got a Peek at L.A.’s next team (the Jags) Come on, you thought it too! Titans 31 – Jaguars 3