NFL Week 5 Wrap up – Jill’s Official NFL Boo

AP Photo/Tim Sharp

  • Poor Cowboys, outside of the Rams, the Cowboys were responsible for some of my earliest football memories. Well technically it was the Cheerleaders but there’s no them without the BOYS! So it’s sad for me to watch the team’s decent into the abyss. Oh well, Titans over the Cowboys and Chris Johnson had a pair of 1 yard TD’s.  He celebrated 1 of those with his own little victory dance on the Cowboys’ Star. So disrespectful. ::Giggles::

  • Speaking of the Rams were BLOWN OUT by the Detroit Lions. Who some (prior to this win) referred to as the best 0-4 team they had seen.  As my quest for an NFL team to love continues, let’s add that the ability to “bust a move” to the list! This skill has the influence to advance you or knock you back to zero. Where should we rank Lions player Alphonso Smith endzone entry?

  • Matt Forte & Julius Peppers help The Bears step up their standings on MY LIST. Both played great on Sunday against the Panthers. Matt rushed for 166 yards and 2 touchdowns (plus he’s cute) while Julius had a nice interception against his old team and Hushed the crowds’ boos after. Plus I hear he’s cute too. At some point I’ll research that. Bears WIN!
  • The Bengals lost to the Bucs… And in more positive news, T.O. & Chad’s show premieres tonight on the Versus network. What a let down that pairing has been.
  • In Monday Night Football action, Vikings vs. Jets was already a compelling match up with the recent trade of Randy Moss to the Vikings, Revis trying to redeem himself from exile to his own island after the last time he matched up against Moss, and of course the “tiny” alleged situation involving Brett’s previous tenure with the Jets & Jenn Sterger. Yeaaaahhh that. This game was pretty dry until the end of the 3rd quarter when things picked up. Farve to Moss finally became a reality and how fitting that it was Brett’s 500 career touchdown pass

Clearly Brett was more excited by this than Randy was. AWKWARD!!In spite of all the 4th quarter excitement Brett ignited. The “Gun Slinger” ended up throwing an interception (according to twitter that’s what he’s most famous for in his career. WHO KNEW?? Twitter that’s who) So the Vikings go down to the Jets! I wonder what type of snack Rex had to celebrate!! ::dreamy eyes:: What?? I told you Rex is my boo.

The dating pool is narrowing. A few teams have already been sent home. Stay tuned!