NFL Week 4 – The Dolphins Think They’re The Lakers

Mike Groll/Associated Press

NFL week 4 was a tad boring to me. I’m sure you diehards can’t relate. Granted since I’m having an open relationship with basketball, We’ve sort of been flirting this week. Good thing football is only on Sundays and Mondays right!  Here are a few of my observations:

My 1st thought was, “Kickers. If it’s your only job, why can’t you Kick?? Then of course not 1 exception but 2 happened attempting to shake my confidence in my newly discovered football knowledge.  The Jags’ Josh Scobee kicked a 59 yard field goal on the final play of the game. Jaguars (31), Colts (28). Atlanta’s Matt Bryant kicked a 42-yard field goal with 2 seconds left.  Falcons (16), 49ers (14)

The Dougie has become the official dance of the NFL:

Even college mascots are Hitting their dougie

We need some L.A. teenlets to craft another dance so we can get a little variety.

You see what happens when players are left to come up with dances on their own. The Giants (17) shut the Bears (3) down.

A few record breaking moments took place on Sunday as well:

Terrell Owens is now the 8th player in NFL history with 3 career 200-yard receiving games. He also climbed to No. 2 for yards receiving in an NFL career. Exciting, but the Bengals (20) lost to the Browns (23). Terrell rocking sun glasses in his post game interview? It’s starting!! The T.O.cho show hasn’t even debuted yet I wonder if that show makes it through the season? (On the field and on the air)

Steven Jackson passed Marshall Faulk to become 2nd in rushing all time for the Rams (20). Who stepped all over the Seahawks (3) to become number 1 in their division. How about that? Hop on the bandwagon now! Rookie QB Sam Bradford is ready!

Jets running back LaDainlian Tomlison , who rushed for more than 100 yards and two touchdowns on Sunday, moved ahead of the Cowboys’ Tony Dorsett into the No. 7 on the all-time rushing list for the NFL. Just think, this is the guy the Chargers thought was washed up. At 31, he’s the oldest player in the last 50 years to average six yards per carry through his team’s first four games. Oh, Jets over the Bills 38 to 14

Philly fans showed a lot of class by sparing Donovon McNabb the boo birds during introductions. The Redskins win was a bit of karma if you’re seeing it from McNabb’s POV. Unfortunately for the Eagles, a Michael Vick rib injury was the price they paid in addition to a lost. It’s been ruled bruised cartilage with no timetable set for return. Redskins 17 Eagles 12

McNabb received the game ball and in his speech he said, the Eagles made a mistake.

Monday Night Football featured the Dolphins (14) vs. the Patriots (41).  I’m finding that while I don’t think I’m quite a Dolphin Dater at this point, I would date their home games! It reminds me of Staples Center with the Orange carpet, celebrity performances and a Club inside the Stadium! In L.A. we have Hyde Lounge. In the SunLife Stadium they have Club Liv (I’ve been to the real one at the Fontainebleu Hotel I. LOVE. IT) Now if only the Dolphins could figure out how to WIN and keep this ambience they could possibly make top 5.

Kelly Rowland must have been available for a 2 for 1 performance as she performed the National Anthem in New York for the opening of the Giants game and at halftime of this game. Also in attendance, were partial owner Serena Williams and rapper/actor Common (could a reunion be happening?), Brett Michaels performed at the tailgate party (I like it, encourage the fans to arrive early and reward them with a treat), Mark Anthony & Jennifer Lopez, Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union. Rapper Rick Ross was spotted on the sideline with Dolphins legend Dan Marino And my personal favorite, The Geico Caveman!!

Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union

Club Liv @ Sunlife Stadium

Common & Serena

Rick Ross

Brett Michaels

Geico Caveman