NFL Week 3: Jill’s Developing Crushes

Doug Benc/Getty Images

Football, you might be ok. Today is the start of the NBA season and you know I have to check in with my beloved but I’m not ready to bolt on the NFL yet. I actually think I have a little crush. Try not to ruin it!

  • Michael Vick?? You Saw it! Eagles crush Jacksonville Jags. Andy Reid you made the right call!
  • Let’s get this out of the way. My holdover from last year (Sentimental value) The Rams beat the Redskins. Let us not forget how close they were in their 2 previous outings. A turnaround is brewing. Comebacks are Sexy! The only drawback was Rams RB Steven Jackson was injured.
  • Yeah that’s all I really have in the way of Cali (shut up I know the Rams aren’t actually IN L.A. anymore but Can I live please ::giggles:: 49ers & Raiders… BLAH. On the plus side, the Seahawk‘s Leon Washington had 2 kick off return touchdowns that were incredible. One was 101 yards, the other 99. Too bad it came at the Chargers expense.
  • I believe the Bengals won but somehow I’m not excited. What a let down. I’m not saying I’m ready to boot them out of contention for The Golden Stiletto BUTTTTTTTTT they aren’t exactly in my top 5. I guess for now their potential is keeping them in the race. :shrug:
  • The Cowboys finally got a win. WR Dez Bryant continues to impress and Wade Phillips can cruise into the teams Bye week breathing a little better.
  • The Giants continued last weeks tragedy with a loss to the Titans. Another game I decided not to finish watching. Sorry, I demand to be entertained.
  • The Patriots won but I have no connection to the Bills sooooooooooo yeah whatever.
  • The Saints lost in overtime to the Falcons. Get well soon Reggie!! I appreciate that Lance Moore is entertaining in the endzone! I like celebrations! I remembered him doing that last season too.  Remembering something from last season.. That’s BIG! Give me credit!  I Guess the Dude from the DirecTV commercial forgot his falcons doll.

  • Ok 1st of all, Braylon shaved the beard!!! He looks SO MUCH BETTER! Go with that look Braylon. Plus, he has Great skin (ummm hello, I’m a female it’s just an observation!!!) Now, back to the game. The Jets were in Miami to face off against the Dolphins. Fergie & Mark Anthony sang the National anthem, Kim Khardashian, Serena Williams, JLo , Lebron James and others in box suites! I’m quite certain this is how Laker games at Staples feel to football fans. I LOVE IT! Oh except the Lakers like… WIN! ::Giggles:: Braylon had a 67 yard TD and what did he do once he reached the endzone?? Hit his dougie of course!  Great game from start to finish. Jason Campbell got to punch his old team in the mouth. And then get a Gatorade shower courtesy of Rex Ryan (I love him, remember that)

Ok let’s go get a EFFIN Snack!