NFL Week 2- “I’m Still Dating Around”

(AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

NFL week 2 is here. I’m a little wiser at this point and therefore a tad bit feisty, code words for I occasionally pop a little profanity when something exciting happens on the field and I fully grasp the importance of that moment!  That happened a few times on Sunday! Still haven’t given out any Golden Stilettos but we have TIME.

  • 1st up, The Cowboys vs. The Bears. I’ll admit, I’m still a little salty with the Bears as they robbed poor Detroit out of their 1st win last week but, I wasn’t attached to any outcome of the game until THIS happened

Dez Bryant’s run (ok, I know it’s a punt return but I can’t exactly provide the explanation for that soooooo RUN it is) Was PRETTY! 62 yards, That’s why the rookie didn’t want to carry Roy Williams pads! Exciting moment but it didn’t last. Bears win 27 – 20 but the game was exciting.

  • Next up, The Patriots vs. The Jets. This had to be my favorite game of the day! As I explained last week, the Patriots always remind me of cute guys being in the Superbowl and the Jets are at the top of my list because of HardKnocks, I guess it’s sort of like when 2 rivals are trying to win your affection so they Showoff!!

1st Braylon (THE BEARD) Edwards scores a touchdown and hits a modified Dougie

It needs work but I LIKE his enthusiasm! It ended up costing his team 15 yards though because of taunting.

I have a post coming up that will dig deeper into this but not now as I’m anxious to show you what was my most FAVORITE moment in this game! Look, even as a rookie to the game, I appreciate the BEAUTY of this play (as well as the embarrassment).

OMG poor “Revis Island” I mean he’s in a lose- lose position here, Randy Moss (who Revis referred to as a “slouch” summer) Hit the Jordan JUMP MAN pose on him. Revis’s hamstring pull had been noted prior to the game however, even if he was legitimately HURT (I’ll assume he was as he didn’t return to the game… well that or he was too embarrassed) he still looks like he’s faking because he was burned so badly! Ahhh well Jets triumphed in the end as they took the W 28-14.

  • The Eagles beat The Lions (awww sometimes it’s just not fair but if you’re a Detroit fan you really should understand that) Vick had another FANTASTIC game. The Eagles coach stated before the game that next week Kevin Kolb will resume his starting QB duties. :shrug: Politics I guess.
  • The Bengals Beat the Ravens. Eh, I didn’t see if but I did see T.O.’s tweet about Randy Moss’s vacation on Revis island. Feeling Fancy this week huh T.O.
  • The Steelers whipped out the steel curtain on Chris Johnson. The RB only rushed for 34 yards. So much for that 2000 + record he was going for. Needless to say Pitt over the Titans
  • The Giants got the snot beat out of them by the Colts. I had to turn it off. It was painful and Boardwalk empire was coming on anyway.