NFL Week 16 Rankings

Ready for Week 16 of NFL action? These are your rankings moving forward. 12 teams make the playoffs so twelve teams get comments. Share your thoughts in the comments and hit me up on Twitter to tell me why I’m right or wrong.

Top 12

1. New England Patriots – Home field advantage throughout has this team thinking Houston.
2. Dallas Cowboys – Expect to see the backup, Tony Romo get some time soon.
3. Kansas City Chiefs – Slip up vs Tennessee will have KC refocused.
4. Seattle Seahawks – Locked into the 2 seed. Need a healthy Wilson to contend.
5. Oakland Raiders – Young team overachieving. The Raiders are back in the playoffs.
6. Pittsburgh Steelers – Sleeping giant in the AFC with Bell, Brown, and Big Ben.
7. Atlanta Falcons – Matt Ryan for MVP?!
8. New York Giants – The defense has been dominant. Can the offense keep up?
9. Tennessee Titans – Devastating running game and Mariota’s growing up.
10. Green Bay Packers – Smoke and mirrors. Trust me.
11. Miami Dolphins – 8-1 in their past 9 and Adam Gase is looking at Coach of the Year votes.
12. Detroit Lions – Running out of steam. In the playoffs today, out of the playoffs in 2 weeks.

And The Rest

13. Washington
14. Baltimore
15. Denver
16. Tampa Bay
17. New Orleans
18. Carolina
19. Buffalo
20. Houston
21. San Diego
22. Minnesota
23. Cincinnati
24. Indianapolis
25. Philadelphia
26. Chicago
27. Arizona
28. Jacksonville
29. New York Jets
30. Los Angeles
31. San Francisco
32. Cleveland

By: Michael Rippe (@mikerips)