NFL Week 14: It’s Almost Over

As the season is winding down, I feel as if I have my handful of teams I plan to enter into long term dating with. Everything before this point was really just me getting to know their representatives.

As the push for the playoffs kicks into overdrive in the final weeks of the season, we’ll start to see if teams can fulfill all the promises they’ve made in the earlier half of the season.

So for me, here are my week 14 highlights:

  • Weird things seem to be happening this season with coaching staffs. The Jets overall have been the subject of lots of front office scrunity this season. “Ines-Gate”, Hard Knocks, Camp hold outs and player show outs. The last thing they needed was a rogue coach tripping the opposing team’s player. Jets’ Strength Coach, Sal Alosi has been suspended for the remainder of the season without pay for this little stunt pulled in Sunday’s game.

It didn’t help. Dolphins over the Jets 10-6

  • Meanwhile, there was lots of activity happening in the Eagles vs. Cowboys game. I’m not sure what received more attention, Desean Jackson’s 91-yard touchdown with the extra bit of showmanship into the endzone:

or  Cowboys’ player Tashard Choice asking for Michale Vick’s autograph after the Eagles picked off the “Boys” 30-27

He claims it was for his nephew whose a huge fan. While I see nothing wrong with the act, perhaps the timing of it could’ve been a bit better thought out. Choice has since taken to twitter to apologize for his actions. I don’t think it was deep enough for him to issue an apology but every action is under a microscope. ::sigh::

  • The Bears proved to be remarkably underwhelming in their match up against the Patriots. Pats seem to be locked in to Dallas in Feburay for the Superbowl. Patriots over the Bears 37-7
  • The Bengals continue their losing ways as the Steelers roll over them 23-7
  • Brett Favre’s streak of games played came to an end Monday night(297 games dating back to 1992) as he missed the Vikings vs. the Giants live from Detroit (I’m sure you have checked out this story, if not go here) Looks like Brett’s swan song will be Live from the bench do to injury. Giants win 21-3

That’s it for this week. Real recognizes real, which team wants to bear their soul for me?