NFL Week 13 recap- Jill’s still around

I am STILL HERE. I have to admit, I like football a little. Maybe one day it’ll be love but for the moment, LIKE is GOOD!

  • Of course, there’s always an ex that starts looking better AFTER you’ve let them go. ::rolling my eyes:: right now the Cowboys are that one. You wait until AFTER I dismiss you to give me what I was begging for you to show me in our brief love affair. The scary thing is, if I go back, my gut says they’ll revert back to their old ways. Well that and the fact that they’ve lost Dez Bryant to a fractured ankle for the remainder of the season. The Boys shock the Colts 38-35 in OT
  • I think Drew Stanton is officially the first white guy to hit the Dougie in an NFL game but the Lions still go down to the Bears 24- 20. Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!! Sorry I’ve been looking for an excuse to say that.

I still think it’s time for a new dance. There’s one called the Cat Daddy I think the NFLers should learn

  • The Bengals are on the losing end… AGAIN. SMH “WHO DAT” The Saints win 34- 30
  • In my home state, it was the battle of North vs. South. We already know I eliminated the Chargers so I was riding with the former Los Angeles Raiders. That worked out well for me 28-13.  Some of the fans got a little rowdy in the parking lot after the game. Raiders fans scare me…

  • The Rams win on the road again! Playoffs maybe?? Rams over Cardinals 19-6
  • My Jets got SMACKED in Monday Night Football action by My Patriots. What happened? I wasn’t attached to any particular outcome but I at least wanted to be entertained. 45-3

In other NFL News this week: Broncos‘ coach Josh McDaniels was fired and Redskins player Albert Haynesworth has been suspended for the final 4 games of the season.