Exploring “Down in the Valley”: A Deep Dive into the South’s Untold Stories With Nicco Annan

“Down in the Valley,” a six-episode docuseries inspired by Katori Hall’s acclaimed series “P-Valley,” delves into the intricate tapestry of sex work, faith, and economic adversity in the Deep South. The series, airing on STARZ, provides a deeper exploration of the cultural facets highlighted in “P-Valley,” capturing the varied voices and experiences of the region.

A Complementary Text to P-Valley

“Down in the Valley” is a compelling complementary text to “P-Valley,” allowing viewers to delve deeper into similar stories and lives Hall so brilliantly brings to light. The series features episodes like “Saints & Sinners,” which explores the life of a Baton Rouge sex shop owner who combats her city’s flawed sex education system. Other stories include Sharonda, a nudist and strip mall church attendee, and Bryan, a barbershop owner by day and male dancer by night. The episode about Hoodoo offers intriguing insights, although some viewers might want an even deeper dive.

Unveiling Untold Stories

In a recent interview with Jill Munroe, Executive Producer Shoshana Guy shared her perspective on the series’ personal impact: “I’m always struck by the tenderness and vulnerability that exists in the experience of black women… The research takes you down different rabbit holes, and you’re just learning about different people’s lives and experiences.”

Nicco Annan, Host, and Executive Producer added, “For me, it was about showing up honestly and truthfully. I wanted to ensure that those I touched and those who watched the show saw the realness. It’s not scripted. It’s from the heart.”

The Beauty of Vulnerability

Shoshana emphasized the importance of authenticity and learning from each unique story. “Each person is unique. There’s always something to learn from people… We’re not a monolith,” she explained, highlighting the diversity within the black community and the power of storytelling to reveal these layers.

Nicco’s reflections underscored the series’ commitment to showcasing real, unfiltered experiences. He recounted a memorable interaction with a flight attendant who questioned his decision to create the docuseries, only to ask for a picture moments later. This anecdote encapsulated the blend of skepticism and admiration that often accompanies such honest portrayals.

You can catch the entire conversation above.


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Airing on STARZ

“Down in the Valley” airs on STARZ, bringing these powerful narratives to a broader audience. The series complements “P-Valley” and stands on its own as a significant cultural document.