Doing “Very LA Things” with Jill: Get Ready For Summer

Summer officially begins on June 20th. If you’re like me, you may have deviated from your summer body plans and got a late start. Sometimes, food is just “way too bomb,” and will power won’t cooperate. But, that can’t last forever so I decided to kick start my summer vacation body by jumping back into my workout routine and starting a juice cleanse. I’m from LA, of course I’m going to do “very LA things” to ensure that I’m on point.

Later this summer, I’ll be visiting Ibiza, Madrid and Barcelona for the first time. So naturally, I want to be sure that I’m looking my best. I started out with a 3-day Reboost cleanse from Kreation Juice. I was given six bottles daily; one that contained mixed greens, one that was the master cleanse lemonade, two separate juices that contained a greens and beet combo, a protein mix made from almond milk, dates and vanilla, and lastly a pineapple, apple and mint combo.



I made it through the 3-day juice cleanse with no hunger issues but, I discovered that beets just won’t cut it for me. I didn’t drink those juices on days two and three. While the goal of the juice cleanse for me was for spiritual and detox purposes, I did drop four pounds which is always a bonus.


Next in my “very LA things” workout quest, I hit up Runyon Canyon and the Culver City stairs (real name Baldwin Overlook). First up, my Runyon hike:

Runyon Canyon is a 160-acre park located in Hollywood at the base of the Santa Monica mountains. There are hiking trails and it’s also the spot to be “seen.” Several of your favorite athletes and celebs head to the park to tackle the trails or maybe enjoy some of the scenic yoga classes that are also offered. Khloe Kardashian, Lala, and The Game are just some of your favs that are fond of the space, and of course posting it on Instagram. What’s a workout without a selfie?


I’m an outdoor person so I enjoy taking hikes at Runyon. It took me just under an hour to complete the trail. My one issue is parking. Go at the wrong time and it could take an hour just to find a spot. Since it’s already technically summer, that means its hot! I made sure I was hydrated and had my sun screen. I was recently sent Lóréal Paris’ invisible protect sheer spray sun screen from their advanced suncare protection line. It’s weightless, non greasy and light. LOVED it! SPF 50 for me.


For my next workout, I hit up Baldwin Overlook. This is a 58-acre state park located in Culver City. You can hike along the natural trail, hit the stairs or, do what I did on this day, hit the pavement of the long winding drive. I alternate walking up the hill backwards- you workout stars can run, I like to pace myself. The goal is to go up and down at least three times. Again, the key to this is to stay hydrated and protected from the sun.


I’ll update you with my progress over the course of the summer as well as show you more “very LA things and places” to go.



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