NFL to require cameras in home locker rooms to enhance the in-game experience


With the invention of HD TV and the ability to watch games on your iPad or laptop, some fans have opted to skip the actual stadium experience of the NFL to stay at home and enjoy the game clear and upclose from the comfort of their own home. In an effort to lure fans to the stadium, the NFL plans to require all home team locker rooms have cameras installed. Teams will be asked to give fans a unique behind the scenes experience by showing what happens in the locker room.

Hmmmm, I’m interested but is it appropriate? Or will it basically be a camera that shows guys walking into the locker room at half time and the basic locker room set up? Also on deck, the NFL steps it up and will begin to show replays on the stadium screens like fumbles, touchdowns, and questionable calls. Giving the fan in attendance the added benefit of the TV experience.

The 49’ers new stadium being built in Santa Clara will have stadium-wide wi-fi internet access too. Is this enough to get you off the coach and into the stands?