NFL Threatens Teams With Fines And Suspensions For Faking Injuries

The NFL has issued a memo to all of it’s 32 teams about faking injuries following Monday night’s match up between the Giants and the Rams, where it appeared two Giants players fell just as the Rams were running their no huddle-offense.

Fines, suspensions and loss of draft picks will be the penalty if the league determines players created phantom injuries during a game.

“Going forward, be advised that should the league office determine that there is reasonable cause, all those suspected of being involved in faking injuries will be summoned promptly to this office … to discuss the matter. Those found to be violators will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action for conduct detrimental to the game.”

Giants safetey Deon Grant was one of the players accused of faking a cramp has indicated that there was nothing fake about what happened during the game.

“I went out one play,” Grant said. “I got banged up, and went right back in and finished the game — (just like I have) every game for my career. My whole thing is when (do) you know (if) somebody (is) faking an injury? … I’m not no duck or no dummy. I’m not about to be going out there banging myself up like they do in the movies.

“You look at my knees now, do you see this knee (my right one), this knee is smaller than that one (my left one)? You see the bang up, right?

He brings up a great point, how will they know if someone is really in pain? I think this is more about getting in front of a problem before it starts. Preventative medicine.