NFL settles concussion lawsuit with 4500 former players

Junior Seau

The NFL has reached an agreement with 4,500 former players who were suing the league in concussion related lawsuits. $765 million will be split among the players – $24 million per team basically. That breaks out to each player – or their family- receiving $170,000 each. The NFL is to pay 50% of settlement over the first 3 years and the balance over the following 17 years.

The NFL is not admitting to any wrong doing and said safety has always been the first priority.

The plaintiffs include at least 10 members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, including former Dallas Cowboys running back Tony Dorsett. They also include Super Bowl-winning quarterback Jim McMahon and the family of Pro Bowl linebacker Junior Seau, who committed suicide last year.

Many former players with neurological conditions believe their problems stem from on-field concussions. The lawsuits accused the league of hiding known risks of concussions for decades to return players to games and protect its image.

The suit was launched in 2011 and involved about one-third of the 12,000 players who have been involved in the NFL.