NFL Kickoff: Game 1 Giants vs. Cowboys- what to look for


HAPPY FIRST DAY OF THE NFL! You ready? The NFL will officially kick off the 2012 season tonight with the champs, the New York Giants facing off against the Dallas Cowboys at home. It’s no secret that the NBA is my Main squeeze and the NFL is trying to work it’s way into becoming my steady side piece… WHAT?? I am in LOVE with the NBA but each season the NFL attempts to steal my heart. So, we’re back dating. It’s a love triangle or in Facebook terms, “it’s complicated.”

So, what do we have to look forward to tonight on our first date of the 2012 season?

  • If you’re a Giants fan, you want to see WR Victor Cruz “salsa-ing” in the endzone. But Cowboys CB Brandon Carr threw the gauntlet down months ago and said there will be none of that dancing while he’s on duty.
  • Eli Manning… need I say more? Giants fans are looking for their QB to do what he does best, make those around him better.
  • The Giants pass-rush. Look out Tony Romo, Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiora and Jason Pierre-Paul. One of these guys drops teammates in cold tubs… I’m just saying, what sort of chance do you think that means for the Cowboys QB?
  • Dez Bryant!! let’s see if the baby sitting detail was worth it. Bryant needs to come out ON FIRE.

I still don’t have a MAIN piece in the NFL. So I’m back to dating around. It’s fun, it gives me variety but I long for the stability of a relationship with one (or two) teams. The Giants have been a team I’ve flirted with, the Cowboys a team that’s always a “potential” because they have all the proper trappings that make dating them SEEM attractive. Tonight, we double date. Let’s see how it goes.