NFL investigator recommended no suspension for Ezekiel Elliott

The appeal process for Dallas Cowboys star Ezekiel Elliot took an interesting turn this week, when it was revealed that NFL lead investigator Kia Roberts recommended no suspension for the running back.

During the three day-25 hour hearing, Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that Roberts testified her recommendation never made it into the league’s final report or August 11 suspension letter.

The league referenced findings of three different instances of domestic violence by Elliott against ex-girlfriend Tiffany Thompson based on the victim’s testimony and photographic evidence.

Elliot was suspended six games under the personal conduct code, following a year long investigation by the NFL, even though Ohio prosecutors declined to charge him because of ‘conflicting and inconsistent information.’

When Thompson was reportedly told that Elliott didn’t want her at his home, she responded: ‘Ok this is what you want? Ok then, I’m going to ruin your life. You will see. If I was you, I wouldn’t go out tonight.’

After she was reportedly told not to show up at Elliott’s 21st birthday party, Thompson is alleged to have told Elliott: ‘That’s worst decision you made in your life. I’m going to ruin your life now.’

She also said she would ruin his career.

‘You’re a black male athlete. I’m a white girl. They are not going to believe you.’ 

Thompson posted photographs of bruises that she says were caused by Elliott to her Instagram account.

Roberts did not attend the meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to discuss discipline for Elliott, per Hill, as she was barred from it by Lisa Friel, the senior vice president for investigations.

Hill says that Elliot’s team will take this to federal court if they are unhappy with the outcome in arbitration. Many feel the NFL is making an example out of Elliot and overcorrecting, in order to avoid past PR nightmares from repeating.

It’s likely that the number of games will be reduced.