NFL Draft Prospect Teddy Bridgewater Buys His Mom An Escalade [Video]


The NFL draft is this week and Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater will finally know where he’ll begin his professional football career. But Bridgewater has already cared through on one promise he made about his future career as an NFL player. He wanted to buy his mother a Cadillac Escalade. Not just any old Escalade, a pink one to symbolize her fight with breast cancer.

When Rose Murphy, Bridgewater’s mom, was diagnosed with breast cancer, the former Louisville quarterback made his mother a promise.

“I told her, ‘Mom, when I make it to the NFL I’m going to get you a pink Escalade truck,” Bridgewater said. “I stuck with the color pink just because she was diagnosed with breast cancer.”

“Your fight, your courage, it all stands out to me,” Bridgewater tells his mom in the video. “And I just thank you for that. Thank you for the many sacrifices that you’ve made for not only me, but for this entire family.

“I just thank you for being the strong woman that you are, and I love you.”