2016 NFL Draft Forecast

Who are some of the biggest names as we approach the NFL Draft? Are they worthy of the hype? The NFL Draft is right around the corner and no team is ready to make a run. Every team has holes to fill and the draft is the best place to fill them.

This year’s draft doesn’t contain the big name players that could change the course of a franchise. What it does have is a bunch of guys who can make a difference and help teams win games. Don’t look for a Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck; however, there will be plenty of future Pro Bowlers coming out of this draft. Here are some of the players in this year’s draft that could make a team very happy.


Joey Bosa
Bosa is a beast of a defensive end out of Ohio State University. Bosa boasts a unique blend of speed and power, reminiscent of Super Bowl MVP Von Miller. Bosa brings an elite ability to rush the passer to a league in which slightly above-average pass rushers are making $80 million. His upside is as high as anyone’s.

ezekiel elliott
Ezekiel Elliot
If Elliot was born just ten years earlier he would be walking into this draft as a top 5 pick. He is a historically good running back with a championship pedigree. But times have changed, and running backs do not garner the attention they once did. Elliot has the ability and potential to be the best running back in the entire NFL. Any team that decides to take him will be immediately rewarded.

Laremy Tunsil
Tunsil is shaping up to be the first overall pick in this year’s draft. Sure, drafting a lineman isn’t very sexy, but it can make the difference between an average team and a strong contender. Tunsil has elite size and footwork; any team that has a man like this covering their quarterback’s blindside will not be disappointed.
As previously mentioned, don’t come into this draft thinking you’re going to change your franchise, because you won’t. Come in knowing you have voids and that this draft is full of void fillers. The majority of the players in this draft aren’t see as inherently great players. But there are many good players who, with time and the right team, undoubtedly have the potential to become great.

– Michael Hersey