NFL Divisional Round playoff schedule



It’s time for round two of the NFL playoffs. Divisional rounds take place this weekend. First up on Saturday, Ravens vs. Broncos and 49ers vs. Packers. Then on Sunday, Seahawks vs. Falcons and Texans vs. Patriots. Times and stations below.

Saturday, January 12th

Ravens vs. Broncos      CBS           4:30 PM EST/ 1:30 PM PST

Packers vs. 49ers           FOX          8:00 PM EST/ 5:00 PM PST

Sunday, January 13th

Seahawks vs. Falcons    FOX         1:00 PM EST/ 10:00 AM PST

Texans vs. Patriots          CBS           4:30 PM EST/ 1:30 PM PST

Who am I going for? You know basketball is my main and football is my sidepiece. And I’m not really dedicated to one. My picks for this weekend; Broncos, 49ers, Seahawks and Patriots.


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