NFL Considering Brazil For 2017 Pro Bowl


The NFL is still trying to figure out ways to generate more excitement around their annual Pro-Bowl.

The Pro Bowl has traditionally been held in Hawaii. A few years back it was held in Miami, and the 2015 contest took place in Phoenix, at the site that Super Bowl 49 took place a week later. With declining ratings and a desire to expand fans internationally, the NFL is considering holding the 2017 Pro Bowl in Brazil.

There are several reasons Brazil is under consideration as the first non-U.S. site for the Pro Bowl. The NFL has drawn growing interest in that South American country from a television viewership and participation standpoint, which appeals to a league looking to expand its international interests.

The NBA recently held a pre-season game in Brazil, so it’s not as if they aren’t primed and ready for an American Sports stars take over. The 2016 Pro Bowl will head back to Hawaii.