NFL: 5 Reasons Why The Patriots Can Rely On Belichick

Bill Belichick – The Hoody is one of the best coaches of all time. We look at five reasons why Bill will take the Patriots all the way.

The Patriots: Bill The Hoody


Bill Belichick (The Hoody) is the head coach of The Patriots and is seen as one of the best coaches in football right now. Belichick has led his team to many championships, including six Super Bowl victories in 2002, 2004, 2005, 2015, 2017 and 2019. However, despite having a successful career as a head coach, he doesn’t have the best reputation among players for being an easy-going guy.

One thing is sure – when it comes to winning and producing results, and making sure the team’s players are at their absolute best, he is always there on top of his game and pushing each player forward with motivation and support. His achievements show you don’t need to be friendly or complacent to win; sometimes, all you need is a strict leader who will push you even harder than you could yourself!

Here are 5 reasons why:

1) Belichick is aggressive in improving the current roster of players

One thing that sets Bill Belichick apart from other head coaches is that he doesn’t sit around and wait for good players to join his team.

If there’s a player Bill wants, no matter how high his potential or skill is – if The Patriots don’t currently have the funds available, Belichick won’t hesitate to go all out and do what it takes to compete with rival teams who are trying to sign the player.

Going all out was seen in 2014 when he signed Darrelle Revis despite having extended fellow cornerback Alfonzo Dennard moments before. He knew they needed more than one top-tier cornerback and went after them aggressively. Result – two days later, Darrelle Revis (now retired) was signed on to the team.

2) Belichick is tenacious

As head coach of The Patriots, Bill Belichick has had some difficult moments, but nothing has ever kept him down or made him give up on success.

When Tom Brady was injured in 2008, and it looked like their season was over before it even began, he did not give up hope. Instead, he ensured that Matt Cassel (who replaced Brady) had all the support he needed for an entire season until Tom Brady came back into play weeks later.

Another example was 2012 when the team lost Wes Welker and Danny Woodhead to rival teams like The Broncos and Jets. Yet again, after Bill signed a couple more free agents, The Patriots could still compete and make it to the 2012 Super Bowl, where they lost against The Giants.

Photo by Lucas Andrade on Unsplash

3) Belichick is optimistic

Belichick has a remarkable ability to keep his head up high during tough times and not panic even when things don’t look rosy for his team. His optimism is one of the reasons he leads by example and motivates players under him to do well.

If you’re an optimist too, chances are you’re going to work harder and be more willing to take a risk that might pay off to reach your goals since there’s nothing worse than giving up on something important because “it’s impossible” or “we’ll never make it.” Belichick believes anything is possible if his players give it their all to make a breakthrough.

4) Belichick is hardworking

Belichick himself is constantly working day and night to keep his team ahead of the curve. He doesn’t sleep much, eats at the same time every day, and somehow manages to fit vacation days during downtimes into his busy schedule so that he can refresh and recharge for future seasons.

This kind of passion towards what you do motivates players under you because they aren’t just playing for themselves but for their coach too – someone who never gives up on them and tries everything to ensure they have what it takes to succeed. Belichick’s hard work and dedication directly reflect how well his teams play each week which keeps him high in demand for other teams who want to get the best.

5) Belichick is motivated because he knows The Patriots need to win

NFL head coaches are judged by their records and how many championships they won while working at a particular team. With his six titles under The Patriots, there’s no doubt that Bill Belichick wants to bring home more trophies for this team since it will make him look good in front of his bosses and boost his chances of keeping his job too.

The fans deserve success from their team, and Belichick knows that – so even when things aren’t going well, he digs deep inside himself, finds the motivation needed, and keeps pushing forward until something big happens! In other words…

Bill Belichick is an NFL coach with a history of leading teams to victory. He is aggressive, tenacious, optimistic, hardworking, and motivated to win championships for The Patriots because he knows they need to succeed.

Determination like this has been witnessed in the team’s most significant moments, like when Julian Edelman caught that pass on 4th down during Super Bowl 51 against The Falcons or that interception that sealed victory over Baltimore Ravens in another AFC Championship game. New England fans can’t wait to see what their coach does next – and we can’t blame them!