NFC East Running Back Moves: DeMarco Murray to Eagles, Darren McFadden to Cowboys


It looked as if the writing was on the wall for the Dallas Cowboys and running back DeMarco Murray. Even though Murray’s teammate Dez Bryant implored Murray not to go to Philly, DeMarco agreed to a five year-$42 million dollar contract with the Philadelphia Eagles.


But alas, Murray has moved on:

“I felt that this was a great opportunity for me to win a Super Bowl, at the end of the day,” Murray said Thursday after signing a five-year, $42 million contract with the Eagles. “It wasn’t about financial security or anything like that. Obviously, you want something that you deserve, something that is respectful. Those two things are important to me, and I was able to accomplish that. I think the Eagles have a great chance to win a Super Bowl.”


Meanwhile, Dez already has a new teammate to replace DeMarco. The Cowboys have signed former Oakland Raiders’ running back Darren McFadden to a two-year deal. Per ESPN, the deal is worth up to $5.85 million and includes a $200,000 bonus.