National Museum of African American Adds Colin Kaepernick Exhibit

No NFL team has signed free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick for the upcoming season although he continues to be one of the major stories from the offseason.

While Kap may not make it to the sidelines for the upcoming season, his silent protest during the ’16-’17 NFL season has catapulted him into legend status.

It was recently announced that a Kapernick exhibit will be on display at the National Museum of African American History and Culture. 

The contents will include jerseys and other items worn during his national anthem protests. Sociologist and author Harry Edwards, who led the movement to get the exhibit opened, referred to Kap as “this generations’s Muhammad Ali”

While the NFL is still in denial about Kap being blackballed, other current players are showing their support of Kap and the cause he was protesting for.

Seattle Seahawks’ Michael Bennett, Oakland Raiders’ Marshawn Lynch and Eagles teammates Malcom Jenkins and Chris Long all got involved in various forms of anthem protests during preseason action this week.

Bennett mentioned during an interview on ESPN’s “The Six” that it would take white players getting involved for the message to continue making an impact. Eagles Chris Long did just that by supporting his teammate Malcom Jenkins, and then further expanding on his support after the game.