Monday Night Football Green Bay Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks Crazy ending [video]

Monday Night Football between the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers ended in dramatic fashion and more replacement ref controversy. With the Seahawks trailing 12-7  and eight seconds left on the clock, Packers Russell Wilson threw a pass from the 24-yard line that safety, MD Jennings caught but then…

Seahawks receiver Golden Tate attempted to grab the ball out of Jennings hands on the way to the ground… maybe. Both players hit the ground but two  officials gave two different calls, one ruling it a touchdown and the other waiving the play off. Check out the video and you be the judge of what the call should’ve been. Keep in mind that the play was reviewed:

The call ended up standing with the Seahawks eventually going on to win 14-12. Of course Twitter exploded with players and fans alike upset with the end results. Many are now question how Commissioner Roger Goodell and the owners can move forward in good faith with these refs under the circumstances.

Nothing shows your worth better than real life examples. The NFL needs to make that move and pay their refs before they impact “the shields” bottom line.

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