Michael Vick speaks to NFL rookies about accountability

The NFL rookie symposium is going down this week in Ohio (why there?) Not only did the rookies hear Adam “Pacman” Jones offer some insight into the pitfalls of an NFL contract, they also got a chance to gain perspective from Michael Vick.

Vick shared how he got through a 23-month jail stint and his feelings on the second chance he was given in the NFL. He also made sure to stress that second chances are rare.

“Be accountable for everything you do,” Vick told the rookies and Sirius XM’s Ross Tucker on Monday in Aurora, Ohio, according to NFL.com. “You can’t blame anybody else for your actions. The choices that you make each and every day are what shape your life.”

“The game is going to go along, with or without you,” Vick said. “You control your destiny. You dictate how long you’re going to play in the league. It’s all up to you. It’s about commitment, dedication, preparation.”

Those points aren’t just true in the NFL. Vick is an example of someone who truly seemed to learn and grow from his experience. I hope those guys were listening and fully grasped the scope of his words.

Vick is set to marry his fiance’e, kijafa frink this weekend in Miami.