Michael Sam shirtless in a club dancing to Michael Jackson [video]


By now you’ve heard the story of NFL Draft prospect and  Missouri DE Michael Sam. On Sunday Sam announced that he was gay. Homosexuality and sports has been a hot button issue for the last few years. The questions as to if teams, the players and NFL fans were ready to embrace an openly gay football player.

The jury is still out on that, but what you can be sure of, now’s when all the photos and videos start pouring in. TMZ posted a video of Sam in a reportedly gay night club in Missouri, shirtless and dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You”


Wow… I’ve never seen Michael Sam take a snap. But I know he has a few chippendales worthy moves. One could argue that these are the type of distractions you get from his announcement. But I recall the entire summer being about Johnny Manziel and his partying.