LeBron James Wasn’t Feeling Cam Newton’s NBA/NFL Comparison

Ego is a huge part of an athlete’s legacy. Even when being compared to a great, at some point everybody wants to be known as the first “insert name here.”

During Monday’s Super Bowl media event, Cam Newton was asked if he should be considered the LeBron James of the NFL.

“Why can’t LeBron be the Cam Newton of power forwards?” Newton responded.

Well there’s several reasons why that’s not possible, but first and foremost because LeBron isn’t a power forward. LeBron’s response was interesting on Wednesday when asked if he should be considered the “Cam Newton of the NBA” James said, “I’m LeBron of the NBA.”

“I’m not a power forward right now, and I’m not slowing down any time soon,” James said. “So, I like being a wing guy. It’s cooler.”

“He’s a rare talent,” James said. “And obviously his size and speed is just a rarity at that position. And then his height as well, there’s not many guys that are 6-foot-5 or over in the NFL—especially playing the quarterback position. So that’s why, combined with his IQ, combined with his speed, his power and combined with the great guys surrounding him, that makes it very tough [to defend him].”