Laremy Turnsil Has Unforgettable NFL Draft Night Hack

Here’s a though provoking question, what would you do if you were Laremy Turnsil in the following scenario? It’s the day all your dreams become a reality, the NFL draft. You have your ensemble for the day all picked out. You’ve seen all the expert analyst had you going at least top 5. And then, this happens 10 minutes before the draft begins.

Your social media pages are hacked, a video is leaked of you wearing a bong gas mask, taking shots to the head. That’s what happened Thursday night to Turnsil. ESPN’s Darren Rovell estimates that Turnsil lost an estimated $7 million after dropping to 13 before the Miami Dolphins snatched him off the board.


But, it didn’t just end there. Text messages were also leaked that show Laremy asking Ole Miss assistant athletic director John Miller for money to pay bills.




Turnsil answered questions about the video and the text messages during his post-draft interview.


“Those are true. Like I said, I made a mistake, it happened,” Tunsil said when asked about the “messages” during a press conference after the draft, though it’s unclear whether he understood the question to be about his Instagram or Twitter account. He said he found out about the Instagram posts “five minutes” earlier during a live ESPN interview.

Many assumed that Tunsil’s stepfather, Lindsey Miller, was behind the hack. Miller sued Tunsil just days before the draft, alleging his stepson attacked him and defamed his character during an incident last summer. Tunsil was arrested for punching his stepfather after an argument broke out first between Miller and Tunsil’s mother. Tunsil was reportedly protecting his mother. Miller also allegedly put info out there that Larmey was in the company of sports agents. Miller denies being involved with the hack.

“I don’t know nothing about no video. I’m not even watching the draft,” Miller told TMZ Sports. “… I was a Red Cross volunteer of the year. I would never do anything like this.”

Tunsil says the video is old – like two years – and not something that he currently participates in. The lesson here is OBVIOUSLY, if you’re going to do things that will have you looking funny in the light, don’t record them. I do however have a question, I know Laremy went to Ole Miss, but was that a confederate flag in the video?