JSJ NFL Week 2 Pick Em’

Welcome to Week 2 of the NFL season. The first week of the 2015 saw the NFL debut to record numbers. The average viewing audience for last week’s Thursday, Sunday and Monday night games was 19.9 million viewers per Nielsen ratings.  I guess a little controversy isn’t bad for business after all.

The biggest questions going into NFL Sunday;

Can the Buffalo Bills can start the season 2-0?

Will the Baltimore Ravens start their season 0-2 for the first time since John Harbaugh became the coach?

How will the Dallas Cowboys fair after losing receiver Dez Bryant in the opener?

Can Tennessee Titans rookie quarterback Marcus Mariota continue his red hot start?

Will get those answers soon enough, in the meantime, these are my picks for NFL Week 2. These are to win the game, not against the spread for you gamblers.
Carolina Panthers vs. Houston Texans

In my mind this boils down to Cam Newton or JJ Watt. The Texans are having a problem finding their starting QB, switching from Game 1’s Ryan Hoyer to Ryan Mallett.


Pittsburgh Steelers vs. San Francisco 49’ers

Last week I went with my head and not my heart in choosing the Vikings over the Niners. This week both my head and my heart say they lose to the Steelers because I can’t imagine Pittsburgh losing at home, to start the season at 0-2.


Tampa Bay Buccs vs. New Orleans Saints

Did you see the Buccs play last week? They are absolutely on the up portion of the learning curve.


Detroit Lions vs. Minnesota Vikings


Arizona Cardinals vs. Chicago Bears


New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills

Rex Ryan has been 4-9 when going against Bill Bellichek and the Patriots. I know Rex’s “over-the-top” personality can grate on some, but he’s a great coach, especially when it comes to defensive strategies. I’m going out on a limb and picking the Bills to squeak by.


San Diego Chargers vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Bolts QB Phillip Rivers has probably been repeating, “don’t call it a come back, I’ve been here for years,” to himself after overcoming an 18-point-deficit for the win in week 1. Expect that momentum to carry over this week.


Tennessee Titans vs. Cleveland Browns

Heisman winners face off in this showdown. For Titans rookie Marcus Mariota, its the second week in a row he will face a fellow Heisman winner in Johnny Manziel.

But the Browns have a better defense than the Buccs did in week 1.


Atlanta Falcons vs. New York Giants

Giants lost a heartbreaker in Dallas week 1. New York media has been barbecuing the team all week. This week they return home looking to bounce back.


St. Louis Rams vs. Washington Redskins

Growing up I was a Rams fan. Then they up and moved to St. Louis, and nothing was ever the same. The Rams starting the season 2-0 will make the fans feel better once the team moves back to LA!

Washington is a mess. Washington is a trainwreck. They will also be without wide receiver DeSean Jackson. I think the Rams giving St. Louis a great goodbye season is nice.


Miami Dolphins vs. Jacksonville Jaguars


Baltimore Ravens vs. Oakland Raiders

Welcome to 0-2 Raiders.


Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles

DeMarco Murray was a league-leading rusher while with the Cowboys. This year he’s with a new team after Jerry Jones opted not to pay him. Motivation.



Green Bay Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks

Hmmm, no Kam Chancellor on defense facing off against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. Seahawks heartbreak continues from that blown Super Bowl play, to start the 2015 season 0-2.



New York Jets vs. Indianapolis colts



Week 2 kicked off with another Thursday game. This week went down to the wire and  saw the Kansas City Chiefs fumble away a win to the Denver Broncos, in a 31-24 loss.