Does Josh Norman Make Washington An Elite Team?

Josh Norman was the anchor of one of the best defenses in football during the 2016 season. But after a contract dispute with the Carolina Panthers, Norman found himself in an unfamiliar position. Norman signed with Washington and is looking to take them from a borderline playoff team to a Super Bowl contender. But can he? Does his addition make them a contender?

We’ve seen it before where the addition of one cornerback can push a team over the edge, but the way their roster is currently set up, that won’t be the case for Washington. Though Norman is an exceptional talent, he will not be enough to take a slightly above mediocre roster into the upper echelons of the NFL. Norman is a lockdown corner and can take any one receiver out of a game. That will help their porous defense, but not enough. Their defense has far too many holes to think that one player can save the day.

Another reason Norman can’t be expected to take this team to the next level is unknown level of play we will see from Kirk Cousins. Cousins has proven he is the real deal, but can we expect him to repeat the success he had last year? Without consistency on offense, no amount of defense will be enough to bring them closer to the super bowl ring the city craves.

This only goes for this year. The addition of Norman in the long term can certainly equate to Super Bowl rings. With a good young quarterback, Washington has potential to be good for a long time. When it’s all said and done, smart money says that Norman and Cousins will win a ring or two together. But just not this year.

The one thing about the Redskins this year that is certain, is that their games from here on out will be in the must watch category, especially against the Giants. Nobody can forget that heated and physical game between Norman and Odell Beckham Jr. Now these two will be matched up twice a year. Odell has already let it be known that he’s paying attention, even if he acts like it doesn’t bother him. If that’s not must watch television, then I don’t know what is.

–Michael Hersey


photo via Instagram