Jonathan Martin Details His Struggle With NFL Lifestyle and Suicide Attempts


A 2013 locker room bullying scandal rocked the Miami Dolphins franchise. Jonathan Martin was the man at the center of the storm. Martin retired from the NFL this summer and is opening up about his struggle with self worth.

In a post, Martin details growing up one of few minorities attending an elite private school, he also mentions having problems figuring out who he was, and attempts at ending his own life. Martin says he never felt black enough, but football was something he was good at, so he used it to appear “cool.”


“You let your demons go, knowing that, perhaps, sharing your story can help some other chubby, goofy, socially isolated, sensitive kid getting bullied in America who feels like no one in the world cares about them,” Martin wrote. “And let them know that they aren’t alone.”

After hearing Martin’s story in his own words, does it change your mind about Richie Incognito and the locker room scandal? Many of the players in the Dolphins’ locker room sided with Incognito, and felt there was no bullying of Martin. Could Martin’s already fragile emotional state have been the actual catalyst for a misunderstanding?

Martin retired in June after reportedly hurting his back at some point following his attendance at a Carolina Panthers’ mini-camp.