Jimmy Graham says no more jumping into stands after joker booty grab


Saints TE Jimmy Graham won’t be jumping into the stands after he scores anymore. Last Sunday, a Saints fan dressed as the Joker launched a booty grabbing caper at the SuperDome.

“That’ll probably be my last one after I got groped up,” Graham said, via NOLA.com’s Evan Woodbery. “It was a moment in the game and I just wanted to go and thank all the fans for being there. Some people were trying to thank me a little too much…that’ll be the last one for me.”


The Joker is a season ticket holder named Jimmy Graham. Graham said everybody had a turn and he just took what was left.

“I’ve been able to laugh about it from Day 1,” McGowan said in a phone interview Friday afternoon. “The truth of the matter is, all the fans took their turn and The Joker grabbed what was left.”

“There was some debate about whether he was a receiver or a tight end,” McGowan said with a laugh. “He’s definitely a tight end.”

Graham dresses as the Joker for charity with along with other “Super Fans”

“I’d just want him to know I appreciate everything he does for the Saints. It wasn’t supposed to be a grope. That’s just where my hand ended up. It was never my intention to offend Jimmy. I hope he’s not offended about it. If he does take offense to it, I apologize.”

I wasn’t trying to cop a feel. I was just trying to pull him up there like everybody else,” McGowan said. “At the end of the day, I’m a loyal fan. I’ve been a season-ticket holder for 12 years and I’ve dressed as the Joker since the Heath Ledger movie. The whole point of the Joker is to strike fear into opponents of the Saints…What can I do but joke about it,” said McGowan.