Jets Geno Smith’s naughty bits exposed by girl he met on Instagram [photos]


The first lesson of 2014 is actually an extended one from the end of 2013… Protect yourself. The jock currently learning that lesson, New York Jets rookie QB Geno Smith. A young lady Smith met via Instagram is putting him and his naughty bits on blast.

Smith allegedly cheated on his girlfriend with a young lady named Jackie Presley. Presley claims Geno never informed her he had a girlfriend, and he engaged in unprotected sex with her. Naturally once Jackie found out, she decided to to put him- and his penis – on blast. Check the deets courtesy of Baller Alert.

“My instagram/twitter name is @1jackiepresley. I am currently involved with NY NFL quarterback Geno Smith. I want you guys to tell my story on your blog. I recently found out that he has a girlfriend & he has been flying me out to cities to see him & never told me. I dont want to be anonymous. He is an ass h***. He meets women off the internet & tell them to come to whatever city he is in or to his house & he has a damn girlfriend. Smh.

Of course she included text messages:

text1 text2 text3This is Jackie:


This is Geno’s girlfriend Kristin Stubbs


Happy 2014.