Jets Antonio Cromartie wants jocks to learn from his mistakes


New York Jets corner Antonio Cromartie had a shaky start to his NFL career off the field. 10 kids, 8 baby’s mamas and a wife can take a toll on you. Cro also blew through $5 million dollars in two years, living “that life.” But because of his experiences, Cro thinks he’s the perfect guy to be a role model for young athletes coming up. He’s bounced back from there and now wants to be a mentor.

“I want to help others learn from what I did wrong,” Cromartie told Bob Glauber ofNewsday, in an eye-opening look at how he’s turned his financial ship around. “I tell the young guys, ‘Don’t spend any money the first year and a half of your career.

“You don’t know what will happen after that. You might be released. You might be hurt. Just save your money.”

Cromartie is said to be living a more fiscally sound life now, driving a Prius and investing his funds so he can take care of his 10 kids for each of their 18 years. His youngest son is 2.