Ines Sainz Back At The Jets Practice Facility

Remember at the start of last NFL season there was controversy surrounding a female journalist named Ines Sainz and her visit to a Jets practice?  Well Ms. Sainz returned this year rocking a fitted dress and heels.

Clearly with a name like “Stiletto” Jill, I feel that there is never a wrong occasion for delicious footwear. I do however wonder what the reaction is to Ines prescence at the camp. As another female in sports media, I’m glad she’s back. And in a twisted sort of way, I’m happy she went with her “signature look.”

Had she come dressed in something other than her norm, it would’ve sent a silent signal that she caused the “problem” last season. The fact that the guys were on their best behavior, shows that they can be around women dressed in all manners and maintain professionalism. Plus, the very idea that she returned also suggests (in my opinion) that whatever happened last season was blown out of proportion.

Everybody wins!

Oh and just as a sidenote, until I see her ensemble from a front view and close up. I am not endorsing it’s fashion-worthiness. Just wanted to clear that up!


photo via Rod Boone