Houston Texans fire head coach Gary Kubiak

Houston Texans v New York Jets

The Houston Texans has fired head coach Gary Kubiak. This comes the day after an embarrassing Thursday Night Football loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars that aired on the NFL network. This was the second time this season. The team has a 2-11 record and has pretty much sucked since they let Vanilla Ice perform at halftime during week 2.

Texans owner Bob McNair has already started the search for a new head coach.

“We’ve got to turn this around,” McNair said, via John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. “We want a winning culture. Our goal is to win last three games. We’re going to do everything to win. We’re looking for a coach who’s bright, ethical, innovation and is able to make adjustments.”

In the interim, Wade Phillips will take on head coaching duties and will be considered for the actual position.