Gregg Williams tells Saints defensive players to take out acl of 49ers player [audio]

For a certain segment of the sports nation, Gregg Williams is public enemy number one. Audio has surfaced of a speech Williams gave to his Saints defensive players in advance of a playoff game against the 49ers. This is a 4 minute snippet that was obtained from a documentary that was being filmed titled The United States of Football.

Anyone who is involved in sports and has been privy to a locker room setting knows that this is very common place. Football is a violent contact sport. If you’re looking at this outside of the context of an NFL game then perhaps it’s shocking but, it’s a speech before in an NFL playoff game.

Obviously the severity of this speech is because by this point Williams/the Saints had already lied to the NFL about the bounty program but, where is the game of football headed at this point? I don’t think anyone seriously wants to see players hurt but how do you balance a sport that is marketed with hard hits and a gladiator mentality?