Greg Hardy Gets Into A Verbal Confrontation With Cowboys Teammate Davon Coleman


OTA’s just got started this week for the 2015 NFL season, and things are already looking tricky for the Dallas Cowboys latest defensive line pick up.

Defensive end Greg Hardy got into a verbal altercation with teammate Davon Coleman at practice Friday, reportedly after Coleman called Hardy a “woman beater.” Per various outlets, Coleman’s comment came after  Hardy questioned his effort in practice.

Hardy may have more to worry about than just the one teammate. There is “some concern” that Hardy has “put himself at odds” with other members of the Dallas defensive line, according to Getlin. There have been no reports that anybody else was involved in the altercation, save for the teammates that had to separate Hardy and Coleman.

Earlier in the week, the NFL announced Hardy was suspended for the first 10 games of the 2015 season without pay, for being charged with domestic abuse. The charges have since been dismissed, and Hardy is appealing the suspension.

If the punishment is upheld, Hardy will return to the Cowboys in Week 12. Just in time for a  match up against his former team, the Carolina Panthers.
Hardy’s last full season was in 2013. He was placed on the commissioner’s exempt list for the final 15 games of the 2014 season until his case was concluded.