Giants WR Victor Cruz Announces Season-Ending Calf Surgery

New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz has been gearing up for a return to the gridiron for a few weeks. On Monday he announced that he will have to undergo season-ending calf surgery, effectively ending a season that never got started.

Cruz was attempting a comeback from surgery on is patellar tendon that happened week 6 pf the 2014 season, when he injured his calf in training camp last August.

“I know that I have to retool my brain and my body to get back to 100 percent and come back the other end firing,” Cruz said. “This is a tough time for me, a tough time for my family, a tough time for all of us, because we were so excited about coming back and being a part of something special this year. But unfortunately, I couldn’t do that due to my calf injury.

“I hope you guys don’t lose faith in me, because I haven’t lost faith in myself.”

Will Cruz be back on the Giants roster next season? That’s likely up in the air. In the meantime, Cruz took to Twitter to RT the commentary from some Giants “fans”